Friday, October 2, 2009

16 Years of Marriage:16 Things...

How did that happen? Glad it did. I feel so lucky to have found who I truly consider my soul mate.

He loves me even though:
  1. I shop too much.
  2. Organizing anything requires making a HUGE mess and you can never be sure it will ever be back to normal again.
  3. I have crazy ideas.
  4. I have no domestic abilities--at least none that I can locate.
  5. I like to do last minute things that require dropping everything...and often shirking responsible responsibilities.
  6. I have a dreadful sense of humor--often dark and black.
  7. I hold grudges like a bull dog terrier holds on to a sock in its teeth.
  8. I have impossible standards of loyalty.
  9. I'm not a good driver.
  10. I love halloween.
  11. I make a lot of redundant purchases.
  12. I don't know where his socks are.
  13. I don't like to make phone calls.
  14. I'm midwest tacky.
  15. I prefer sleep to exercise.
  16. I like to dress funny instead of sexy.
16 Things He's Taught Me
  1. Put the perishables away.
  2. You really should exercise.
  3. Michigan football Saturdays are akin to holidays
  4. You can get to the airport seconds before you plane is supposed to leave and still make your flight.
  5. You can also buy your tickets last minute--it just costs more.
  6. Summers at the cottage are enjoyable, in certain ways.
  7. Our kids can do their chores.
  8. You can be a workaholic and still have fun.
  9. It's o-k to be messy, just not for too long.
  10. You can drive 11 hours and not stop for gas or restrooms.
  11. You can not talk all of the time and still say a lot.
  12. Naps are good and necessary.
  13. Being in love is really, really special and good.
  14. You should be able to always operate your husband's phone and be able to turn off the alarm.
  15. You should like EVERYBODY.
  16. Most of all, I've learned about unlimited kindness and generosity. He is the kindest and most generous person I've ever met.


The Redhead Riter said...

That was sweet. Congratulations on #16! Extremely impressive in this day and age. I made it to 16 but not 17 :o(
so make sure you do!

San Diego Writer Girl said...


What a beautiful tribute. Gave me a lump in my throat. I remember when I was single, I had my list of what I wanted in a husband tucked into my journal. I'd revise it as time went on (the length of expectations dwindled with time -- realizing no such man existed). My mother said to me, "Start with kindness and someone who is your friend and go from there." Seems like you did just that. Finding your soulmate: what a lucky woman you are. I love your description of yourself. We're very alike! Congrats on #16!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Awww. happy anniversary. I wonder if I will make it that long. If you add up one and two it still doesn't equal 16 and 3 hasn't even been one year. lots of numbers!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! What a sweet post! Your lists made me laugh, especially #11 on what your husband has taught you! LOL! Sounds like my husband! ;-)

Helene said...

Sounds like he accepts you just the way you are, which is wonderful! Happy anniversary!!

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

Congratulations! I am now following from MBC!

Lynda said...

Goodness, I'd like to marry both of you. Now I know why we like you two so much.