Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Merchants of Venice

Venice began with the Hotel Saturnia. It had been recommended to us because it had location location location. What I didn't realize at the time, was its location to what. Innocently, I assumed it was the fact that it was located near St. Mark's Square, but I learned that location for one doth not mean location for all.

The hotel was tucked off a street of uber shopping: Gucci, Bulgari, Chanel, Dolce, Prada, Burberry, you name it, it was there lining the street like a mini shopping mecca for people with lots of money.

Jewels glinted from shop window and the streets were spotless so that the well heeled could maneuver in their spikes without care. It was a shopping wonderland.

However, there is always a however somewhere for me, I was so over the whole shopping thing by this point in our trip I could barely stand the all out, blatant shopping mall theme.

As I retreated to my anti shopping place, my partner in crime had finally realized her best part of the trip. She had been pining for great shopping ever since London. Her eyes were like saucers at the finery offered up for sale.

We spent an entire day in and out of every kind of shop you can imagine. I was bored. The boys were bored. The heat blasted us and drove us into the cool air of the shops. My friend had the gleam of gold in her eyes--oh, or was it Venetian glass?

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Helene said...

I'm like you, I can only stand shopping in small doses. My husband can shop for hours, though. He would've been in hog heaven, like your friend, with all those stores!!!!