Friday, November 12, 2010

Sorry, If You Know Me, Sometimes You End Up On My Blog

I apologize to all those I've offended in the past. Most people that I talk about on my blog either:

  1. Don't even know I have a blog.
  2. Know I have a blog, yet never read it.
  3. Or, know I have a blog and couldn't care less about this little waste of time hobby that I have.

It cracks me up when I'm sitting having coffee with someone, and I'm trying to figure out if they've really read my blog (like they say they do), or if I should tell them the story anyway. Sometimes, I'm just repeating things that someone has already read, or is pretending that they haven't read.

The blogosphere is such a weird corner of the universe. I am mistress here, at my blog. I am queen of my little worldly queendom. I can say what I want, within reason after my anonymity disappeared.

Actually, I have another little space where I say quite a lot that is completely anonymous, but that is for really bad days. If I'm writing about you there, you don't want to know about it. But, oh, friendly reader, if I'm talking about you here, you have nothing to worry about.

I know you might be here. I know you might be reading. I have a little inner censor working on my brain within the constraints of this public blog. Fear not, if you appear here.

P.S. This does not apply to any of the crazy clad Halloween friends who do not read my blog and have no idea their crazy picture showed up here right after Halloween!

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Rae Ann said...

I set up an anonymous blog shortly after I set up Critical Mass so I could write stuff not fit for my cheerful pinkity pink blog. Mostly about the hub's former boss... And I have never posted to it. Too lazy.