Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm 40 and Falling Apart! Old People Yoga

Well, it was the hip. Then it was the lower back. Then it was the upper back. Now I've got an ingrown toenail. The workout gods certainly are twisting fate cruelly lately.

Today I tried a gentle yoga class with my friend, Pilar. It was so gentle that we were the youngest "kids" in there and I still couldn't keep my hands up over my head for the fully allotted time.

I knew if I made eye contact with Pilar at any given time, I would burst out laughing. Afterwards, she said to me, "No more old people yoga." I agree. However, I'm starting to feel like an old person myself.

My friends are breaking, too. There is always a knee, hip or skin surgery on the horizon. Next I'll be reading the obits, looking for dead people that I used to know.

Tomorrow I'm going to try a new yoga class. This one is sure to have me twisted in a pretzel and convulsing on the floor. I'll let you know. I'm an old dog, and there are sure to be new tricks.

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