Monday, February 20, 2012

Disposable Customers: Why Crappy Places with No Ethics Stay in Business Without Any Effort

We just had a crappy $108 lunch at Rockefeller Center's Rock Center Cafe in New York. This was for essentially 2 people to dine for lunch at a crappy table by this cafe's crappy kitchen.

I knew it would suck. You know you are walking into the Venus Flytrap of tourist traps, but how bad can a $27 steak sandwich be?

Well, if you include bathrooms with all types of horrible bathroom type dribblings, smearings and lack of toilet paper, it makes anything they serve seem bad.

Cleanseliness, being next to Godliness & all, is kind of important. It makes you wonder who is babysitting the staff here & also wonder why they don't care.

But they don't. No locals are hanging out at the Rockefeller Center Cafe. If you have zero repeat business, who the heck cares if the whole experience sucks? How depressing to work in such a place with such a work ethic.

Restaurant dead end. Even more depressing for the tourist who spends that much of their savings on such a careless group of people who don't care if crap is smeared on their bathroom floor.

Crap. My stupid mistake.

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