Saturday, April 7, 2012

Skating on the Edge: Reaching Out Toward 50 & Beyond?

Recently, I went roller skating with friends at Chrissy Field in San Francisco to celebrate one of my best friend's birthdays. Four wild and crazy gals donned pink and white roller skates, zany purple paint splashed spandex tights and pink baseball shirts to do some victory laps with our birthday pal.

We looked as if we stepped out of a bad 80's movie. It was fun to surprise our up for anything friend. She had a great time careening around the water front proving that you never have to act your age, ever.

It made us all appreciate the happy go lucky, privileged lives that we all lead. There is stress, distress, problems, set backs, disappointments and strange surprises everywhere. Sometimes it is easy to let a cloud linger just over your head and feel isolated and alone. Sometimes it is hard to see the blessing when it is fogged in by regret or should have dones.

Now that 50 is clearly, un mistakenly and undeniably ahead, I hope we put on our pink skates and blast straight ahead. Always.

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