Thursday, June 7, 2012

Driving Me Crazy, Where Does the Time Go? Who Brings it Back?

Now that John is driving every chance he can get, life seems a little strange. He seems like a thoughtful, careful driver, and I'm even a little relaxed when I'm his passenger.

I've looked around and realized that life is on a steady railroad track of a path. It keeps chugging by, swaying and rolling along at a steady pace. It's also not stopping.

Ruth graduates 8th grade tomorrow. She is so grown up and ready for high school. Birk has grown at least a foot and sprouted the legs like stilts. She will be a middle schooler tomorrow.

It drives me pretty crazy to think about what lies ahead. These kids are growing and changing every day. I'm not the same either, but I am happy to see them happy and excited about what is coming down the tracks next.

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