Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Some Quick Halloween 2012 Thoughts

1. You know it's Halloween when you find yourself shoving gummy organs into shot glasses. We had a super fun Zombie party, and our big kid friends rallied in knock out costumes. The funny part, other than doing shots with livers, brains, hearts, lungs, intestines and even eyeballs, was that I found myself trying to classify the animal organ that our cat continually leaves for us as a gift on our doorstep. I cannot figure out if it's the part she hates, or the part she treasures most. In relation to our gummy candy, it is either the liver or the lungs. Guess I should have paid better attention in Anatomy 101.

2. Birk changed costumes and after thinking she would be Sergeant Frog, Ronald McDonald (though she called it McDonald's guy) then her very own daddy, has settled on a space ranger. Mind you that it's 9:30 on October 30th and all of the costume parts we actually purchased are on the bottom of her floor.

3. Our 9 month old puppy is terrified of our Halloween decorations. She can chew up any dog toy, but show her a skull with one blue eye and she is running the other way.

4. Go Giants! Woohoo! Being raised as an Al Kaline Tiger fan, I thought I'd be torn between the Giants and the Tigers in the World Series. Seems I've turned permanent Giants fan. Sorry, Tigers. Sah-weep!

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