Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Girl's Day 2012--New Holiday Traditions & Old

We had an action packed day of San Francisco fun. We began with an elegant brunch at the Palace. We moved on to our annual Christmas visit with Santa at Macy's.

We saw an excellent production of A Christmas Carol. Then it was to Presidio Social club for a delicious dinner.

This is at least our 5th year of skipping school and taking a little holiday.
Skipping school and writing letters to Santa at Macy's way back when? Kindergarten year, 6 years ago!  2006???
Yet, another mystery year of letter writing.  I am going to have to use my sleuthing to figure this all out!

Again, another year at Macy's, this was our trip last year when Birk was 10.
2012 and thinking about what to put on that list!
At 11, still not too old to write and mail a letter to Santa.  I saw the list, oh  boy!  That's a post in itself.

The girls all grown up!  Celebrating the Christmas spirit in style.

One of the fabulous gingerbread diorama's at the Palace.  This one is a ski hill.

Gingerbread creation of a roof top garden.
Go Giants!
The beautiful, giant tree in the center of the Palace Garden Court.

We had an extra special treat on our girl's day, Nana!

Christmas wishes from us to you!

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