Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mother-Son Reunions

Two moms met on a Monday, we both recently sent out sons off to college.  Sitting at the local coffee shop, conversation fueled by caffeine, we were both in a quandary about our reunion with our first born baby boys.  Both boys keep reminding us that they are 18.  Both boys are independent, capable and mature young men.  Both moms miss their boys like crazy, yet we both feel we need to play it cool.

We can't race across campus, wrap them in our arms and melt into an emotional pool of joyful tears on the ground.

But what if we don't?  Will our boys be disgusted, disappointed, delighted?  What oh strange breed are we?  Moms of these new adults that still carry our Visa cards and use our iTunes password?  We insure them, bankroll them, and would donate a kidney, too, if needed.  

Every stage as a parent, and as a person, we enter unchartered territory like we are reinventing the wheel, the steering column and the whole highway system.  I think of telling Doc, you will never be my age.  Times change so quickly and so much that I can say for certain my mom did not need to contemplate face time, cell phone or land line call.  ATMs, iphone stalker aps, online banking

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