Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Happy Spin On Life

Going to the gym is truly a luxury of time.  It eats a hole in your day bigger than a donut and I've resisted the pressure to commit to exercise in my lifestyle.  

I'm a curvier girl.  I am not built for speed.  Even my hair is very Roseanne Roseannadanna--it probably adds a good 5-8 pounds to the total on my scale.  Thus said, I am now 40 and it was like the Forty Fairies descended upon me with their magic wands on my  birthday and said you ate your birthday cake, now you will weigh, I mean pay.

My friend convinced me that spin class was the way to fight my need for Yummy Tummies and Spanx undergarments.  I'm always up for something new, but I feared that this something just might kill me--or make me look like a big, out of shape fool.

I took beginner baby steps.  I learned you could mostly cheat your way through spin class by adjusting the tension dial.  I actually did sweat and ache and drink lots of water through a whole 6 months of classes.  I smile and laugh a lot in class and probably don't take it as seriously as some instructors might like.

Most spinners have their game faces on.  They are sweaty and dead serious and you most definitely don't want to get in their way.  The favorite spin classes at the gym are crowded and you must get there early and angle your way in.

Today, at one of the most popular spin classes we had a substitute teacher.  He was goofy, loud and ready to have fun--as well as work our behinds off.  He was like the cheerleader of the spin instructors:

"Who wants to go faster?  Say, I DO!  Who wants to sprint?  Say YeeeeeHaaaa!  Now punch your fists in the air and whoop whoop!"

The serious spinners (SS) looked around, dubious.  I was whooping, hollering and pumping my fists and laughing like I was at a comedy club.  I had so much fun that I wished he taught every day.  The SS looked around and finally at the end of the class all but the die harders were smiling and singing to the Police.

All I could think was that this man was an unconventional ray of sunshine in the torture land of exercise.  He must be lots of fun to have as a friend--you know the kind of friend that says, "Let's just take off for Disneyland this weekend!"  Then you all go and have a great time.

I hope I can be a goofy ray of light to my friends.  I love the happy spin on life.


Helene said...

See, I'm like you...I'd totally like the happy, energetic instructor over the serious one. I think the elliptical training machine was meant to be a torture device. It kills me every single time.

Anonymous said...

I would want that happy instructor too. If you don't inject a little fun into exercise, it's more torture than it was to start with.

Anonymous said...

I like Mr. Happy! However, there's a fine line. I had an instructor come around with her mic and try to get me to sing "Mony, Mony," while spinning. It might be my least favorite song ever. At least now it is.


Once upon a Qpon... said...

That was a most enjoyable post to read! A good laugh at the end of a long day!
Would you consider this being a guest post at some point in time on my blog?