Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm It? Now Tag, You're It!

I've just been tagged by two of my favorite blogging friends!  Tberri from The Four Scarbarys and Rae Ann from Critical Mass.  Considering my flip calendar still says March 15th, I'd better up my game and get running.

Here are the rules: 1. Link to the person who tagged you; 2. Share 7 things that people may not know about you; 3. Tag 7 people to share 7 things and link to them; 4. Let them know they have been tagged.

I love Rae Ann's idea of sharing the blog love and tagging 7 of my newest friends in the blogosphere that have left me comments, here they are:
2. Dawn at Rylee for Life
3. Janice at Can I Taste It Now?
4. Veronica of OF MICE AND raMEN
6. Kristen at La Dolce Vita
7.  Suzanne at Shabby Chicks

7 Things About Me

1.  When I go to the movies my popcorn has to have real butter and lots of salt--this horrifies most of my no butter no salt friends.

2.  My mini van is a mess.  I refer to it as a mobile unit.  We have snacks, extra sweaters, hairspray, brushes, tooth brushes, pencils, shoes, unmatched socks, loot bags--you name it, it's probably in my van.  It is famous at our school because of a poem performance we did on talent day called Stinky Van.  I am able to exist in chaos.  Maybe that's why I enjoyed teaching Middle Schoolers and Pre Schoolers in my BK (before kids) life?

3.  Oh, I write poetry.  Stinky Van is just one of the wordful marvels that I've created.  Talent day this year?  The Little Sister Blues, of course!  Not exactly odes to love or anything like that. Purely silly stuff.

4.  I grew up on a farm.  I had horses, but these were the kind of horses that you actually had to bale and stack hay to feed.  Horses are hard work.  I loved them, but have a hard time with my kids experiencing horses in the frou-frou-hand-you-the-reins-already-tacked-up-enjoy-your-ride-kind of way.

5.  I think I look scarier with make up than without it.

6.  I have a phobia of seafood.  I am not even going to attempt saying anything about that.

7.  Some folks won't play Scrabble with me any more...I play by the rules to a 'T' and I'm very adamant about enforcing said rules.  I am a serious player, but not a very good player. However, I'm not going to show you where you should go to get the most points if you are playing against me.  All is fair in love and Scrabble.  P.S. I know what you really mean when you call me the Scrabble Witch--you are really not fooling anyone.


Helene said...

Awwww, thank you so much for the tag! And congratulations on your award!!!

My van probably looks the same way yours does. We could probably live in it and be perfectly happy (except there are probably scary things growing under the seats) but, hey, we'd have enough water and snacks to get us through for about a week. Oh and I'm all about movie theatre popcorn with butter and salt. Without it, what's the point of even eating popcorn?

Veronica Lee said...

Hehe, I've been tagged thrice already! But I'm honoured to be tagged once again and as proof, look out for your name on my sidebar!
Thanks, you are soooo sweet.

Anonymous said...

You take exercise lightly but Scrabble seriously. What's wrong with this picture? ;)