Monday, May 18, 2009

Eating Standing Up

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Tonight I'm eating Phad Thai and downing my Pinot at a record pace. This is when I realize that I'm eating my dinner standing up in my kitchen. The kids are at the table eating their meal, and I'm taking a bite, then loading the dishwasher. Then I take a drink, and wash out the sink.

*Bite: organize the recycling.

*Sip: take a hairbrush off the counter and put it in the bathroom.

*Bite: tell John and Birk to stop kicking each other under the table.

*Sip: feed the dog.

*Bite: I.M. my life partner and ask when he might be coming home.

*Sip: serve Ruth more pot stickers.

*Bite: answer the phone.

*Sip: explain to telemarketer that I'm not home.

How many other women are out there eating standing up like horses? $40 take out and a glass of $20/per bottle Pinot deserves better conditions than standing up and eating like a horse. Am I wrong? Next I'll be sleeping standing up. Although it would save laundry costs and I'd never have to make my bed.



Terri said...

Multi-tasking!!! How impressive! I have found myself sleeping while standing up and while driving!! I eat standing up at breakfast and realized it one day when my kids asked why.... I sit down to eat breakfast now!

San Diego Writer Girl said...

I commend you. I often find myself driving while curling my eyelashes, drinking coffee, talking on the phone, reading my mail and flipping someone off. We women juggle like nobody juggles.

Helene said...

I laughed hysterically while reading this because I can totally relate!! If I'm lucky enough to get to eat, it's usually while standing up as I'm running around the kitchen getting someone some more milk, someone some Ranch dressing to dip the veggies in, answer the phone, switch the clothes from the washer to dryer...obviously, you know the drill!!

And my husband just sits there and watches me and very rarely offers help.

Jennifer said...

LOL! It's the curse of being such a fantastic multi-tasker! Ugh!

Nori D said...

Me me me!!! This is so funny. I totally relate. I often eat standing up, or not at all. I also try to do seven chores at once, in order to catch a break at the end of the day, but for what? It doesn't change the fact that I have 7 more to do tomorrow lol.

Im so following you =)

Amy and her little family said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I'm following you back!

Deb said...

@Terri: Funny that your kids pointed out your uprightedness :) My kids either are so used to it they don't notice or think that that's just what moms do. Glad you now are sitting, I'm going to use you as an excellent role model and take a seat myself.

@SanDiegoWriterGirl: Man! I love that you can do all of this stuff and drive at the same time! I am in awe of your abilities. I'm not a very good driver, so I think I will continue to keep my uber-multitasking to the kitchen :)

@Helene: This is why I no longer rent movies. After my first four years of momhood I figured out that I had seen parts of many movies, but never the whole thing. Now I require a babysitter, darkness, popcorn and a theater to actually sit through something!

@Jennifer: I think my multitasking is wearing me thin, though. Now I can only get about half as much done. Also, it's only done about half as well these days, too.

@Nori D: Thanks for the follow! I agree, there is always another mountain to climb--and it usually starts bright and early. I actually consider sleep "ME" time, now.

@Amy: Thanks, Amy!

Tracy said...

I totally understand! Tonight I had a baby crawling under my feet and my husband and daughter finished before I did (don't they always??) and I was stuck fielding "Mommy! Mommy, I need.... I want...." I almost did it to... then I realized I was --hungry--!

I miss eating.

Deb said...

@Tracy: I hear you! Sometimes I'm eating and I don't even know it. I love it when I'm sitting at the table, abandoned by my family. I'm still lifting the fork midbite and tumbleweeks are rolling through the kitchen in an eerie quietude. I look around at the horror story: all of the mess in the crime scene belongs to me to clean up.

Days of Whine & Noses said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! I don't love the circus myself, but think it's something everyone should see once. I'm not sure if animals are abused by Ringling Bros or not but I'd like to believe they are not :)

BrnEyedGal said...

OMGosh you so had me laughing...

I do find myself doing that sometimes and I dont even realize it.
I decided that life is to short (hence the article about the tea cups) and I will enjoy every part of it.
Well...sometimes, LOL.