Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Ark

Well, if you have heard rumors about an ark, they are true. I am told I can no longer refer to it as "Swamp House." All I can say is that the first time George laid eyes on this place, he was grinning ear to ear.

He was still grinning ear to ear through the pest inspection report. It was like the pest inspector just drew a big red circle around the entire structure and declared it infested. He was still grinning ear to ear when the building inspector declared part of it a "tear down."

And he was really grinning ear to ear when he dragged his old kayak out of it's 6 year hibernation and plopped it into the creek.

I am charmed by the history, the unique lifestyle and the gorgeous views. I guess I finally got my 100 year old, um, house. George got his cottage location northwest, as well as an office. Our parents get a place to come and enjoy extended stays. We all win, except the pests, I hope.


Under the Influence said...

I hope there aren't any bedbugs!

Helene said...

Deb, did you seriously buy a vacation home??!! That is so freakin awesome!! Every time we're either in Tahoe or Monterey, i say to Tim "wouldn't it be so nice to have a vacation home here?"
Perhaps someday when we retire!!!

Terri said...

How neat! I hope your family enjoys it!!! Looks like fun!!! Hope you get rid of the "bugs" :)

GypsyFox said...

wow amazing!!! I would love an old house with history, looks so neat :) I am following your blog through mommy bloggers :) xoxo

Jennifer said...

Wait... you're going to fix the pest situation, RIGHT?!

... just asking... ;-) Congrats! I can't wait to see pictures!

Lynda said...

Maybe George would like your kitchen table as his new office desk.

Deb said...

@Under the Influence: It wouldn't surprise me...

@Helene:Thanks, Helene! I don't know if you are allowed a vacation house that's 5 minutes from your regular house. Tahoe would be great--I have never been there in the summer. I love Monteray, too. Pretty much any place I don't have to do laundry is a vacation house :)

@Gypsy Fox: Thanks! It is documented in city photographs from 1906! Pretty cool for something that started out its life as a barge of some sort. Thanks for the follow, I'll be over to visit you, too!

@Jennifer: I hope so, bugs are not my thing at ALL! Thanks, I will try to get some more pics to share :)

@Lynda: As someone who has an up close and personal relationship with "The Table," you know I'm doomed. There is really no room, but I'm the hopeful sort :)