Sunday, June 7, 2009

You Fight Like A Girl

I was reflecting on a regular Margarita Friday.  The usual 'Mom' suspects were sitting in a circle chatting away around the table.  Various kids of all ages were romping freely outside.  We all were basking in that wonderful thing known as Friday and the beginning of the weekend.

It was our last Margarita Friday of the school year (Margarita Friday is a thing that sometimes happens at my house...on Fridays).  The next time the Margaritarator will be humming will be on the 4th of July.  School activity was ramping up to ramp down to a steep descent into a delicious, lazy summer.

The conversation wasn't about school coming to an end.  We had dished school ending and summer camp long ago.  This week the conversation drifted to what you can do to yourself to look younger and how much each procedure hurt on a scale of relative  pain.

Burn, poke, pry, prod, pluck,
laser, inject, re-surface (you'd think we were talking about floors), 
nip, dye, tint, suck, 
scrub, peel, wax, thread, tuck.  

Never tell someone that they fight like a girl, if they have ever done some of these aforementioned procedures, they know no pain and they will kick your butt.  

Step aside men who cry like babies while their backs are being waxed--it's 2009 and someone has created the most painful, expensive ways to look youthful and beautiful to date.  

We are girls,  and we don't shrink at the sight of needles and lasers.  We do not shy from the $400 beauty salon bill (well, some of us).  We are so strong that we can giggle, laugh and tell our stories about silently suffering at the hands of a beauty professional.  

If we didn't laugh about it, we'd have to cry.  Yep, we fight like girls do.


Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

HERE HERE! Yep, I put up a good fight.
Love this post. Think I'm going to go make myself a margarita. Crap, to much work...I think I'll settle for a glass of wine. ;)


Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

Your lovely blog has received a lovey award...go pick it up at my place ;)


Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Lovely and creative!
In your next visit, I have 2 gifts waiting for you.
Have a great week!

Sharon said...

Hey Deb! Love your blog and would love to hear what you have to say! I've tagged you on mine. Come check it out!

Mary K Brennan said...

Stopping by from MBC. I love your blog. I'm a new follower.

Rae Ann said...

Man, I want to live in your neighborhood! Can I have a margarita, too?