Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Night Camp

About 5 p.m. last night I birthed the brain child of Night Camp. Spending quality summer time with your angels seems like a good idea in early summer or even earlier in the day, but by 5 p.m., aren't you and your kids ready for Night Camp?

Tired from the long day? Exhausted from running your kids willy nilly to playdates and random half day camps? Just broken up your millionth sibling fist fight of the day? Cleaned up another spill of something sticky all over the kitchen floor? Confiscated the Guitar Hero guitar and kicked your kid's off the computer or Wii again?

Drop your kids off at Night Camp. It opens as early as 4:30 p.m., just about the time you are contemplating another caffeinated drink or your first glass of wine. Drive up in your car and we'll meet you at the passenger's side door and whisk your children off to a land where you don't plan the activities or figure out where their next meal is coming from.

Our counselors are all under the age of 15 with lots of energy. Our camp motto is simple: if your kids are still alive when you get back, then we are doing our job. You don't have to worry, and at 5 pm do you really care? Night Camp will be all your kid's desires wrapped up in endless movies or computer time or video games, they will love it and you will be oblivious to it under the Don't Ask Don't Tell program.

Bars and fine dining are conveniently located down the street. We will even deliver you kids home and tuck them in, if you need to catch a movie, or a nap, and not be disturbed. If your kids are anxious about night camp, have them read below. It won't take much for all parties to declare this a win-win situation.

Kids! Parents driving you crazy? Come to Night Camp and play Guitar Hero on full volume 'til your mind is numb and your fingers are blistered and cramping. No one will nag you here. At Night Camp we allow endless behavior that would make your parents cringe. Watch YouTube unsupervised with your friends or just watch the same iCarly episodes over and over and over. Come on, you know you never tire of watching the same episodes more than once. Get rid of your parents, eat pizza and candy and ice cream with no one constantly monitoring your every move. Kids, you need Night Camp as much as your parents!

Day Camp: $450 a week. Night Camp: priceless.

Who's with me?


Jennifer said...

ME! ME! ME! When does it start? And can I drop off my husband too?

Brooke said...

Sign me up!!!

Helene said...

Oh, my kids are SO there....and I like Jennifer's idea...can I drop my hubby off too?

Seriously, you'd make enough money to send your kids to college if you did something like this!!

Clueless_Mama said...

I am in! Let me know once it is up and running. I'll keep my husband! :)

Linda said...

I love this blog about Night Camp. I am the author of a recently published children's book called Night Camp, so I thought it was so funny that you've come up with this idea. Ah, those quiet evenings at home--or, in my version of Night Camp, those quiet summers while the kids are away.

Deb said...

@Jennifer: Great idea! I love the idea of a Husband Zone. There could be beer and sports and Megan Fox movies (especially for my husband!).

@Brooke: You're in!

@Helene: I seriously need money and/or a job, so maybe I should look into this. I'll need a really tight liability waiver, won't I? :)

@Clueless_Mama: I'll put you in my first round of mailing.

@Linda: Thanks! Ohhhh, I am going to look into your book. This idea came when I was at a restaurant with my kids and I wanted to hide under the table to escape the bickering.

Clueless_Mama said...

Yeah, make sure you do. I want to be first in line. LOL :)

Oh and as for your post on my blog, baths are good anytime you can make time for them!! I love anything Vanilla cupcake. YUM

SAHM4now said...

Great idea! I feel sorry for any adult needed to be in the vacinity of "night camp" but as long as it is not me I am game!

Linda said...

I hear you about that bickering. Once I asked my youngest (4 years old at the time) which piece of chicken she wanted and she crossed her arms over her chest, smirked at her sibs, and said, "The LAST piece."

Swoozie said...

Night Camp is a brilliant idea Deb! Sounds like heaven.....