Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All I Want for Christmas? My Luggage

Why do I love Halloween so much? For me, it's Christmas without the travel and hassel of gifts. We have decorations, lights, family, friends and candy! The spirituality factor is quite different, but I do not need to worry about saying Merry Christmas or Happy Channukah to the wrong person. I also am not personally offended if you're a Halloween Scrooge.

That said, all I want for Christmas is my luggage. Each and every year, we arrive at our destination to find one bag missing. Now, when you travel around Christmas, you don't travel light. Each bag is chock full of treasures. When one goes missing, and last year it was the bag with four bottles of very nice wine, you tend to panic.

Because this happens every year, and it happens with every airline no matter which we fly, I am quite calm about the process. We always eventually get our bag. Sometimes my suitcase has a more interesting travel destination than I do.

This year? We waited patiently at the baggage claim. I watched the carousel spin, gripping my claim check stickers, wondering which bag wouldn't show.

Guess what? I got ONE bag out of EIGHT. Seven bags were MIA! I understand my annual missing bag....but seven?

When you have no underwear, toothbrushes, or snow boots for three kids, then you know panic. I'm not going into the weeks of shopping and planning. No strategy could prepare me for this.


Under the Influence said...

Oh sh#t. Now that just stinks.

RUBY said...

OH NO!!! That was my worst fear up until it happened then I feared never finding it. I tell u what you do you sit there and hope they find your bag last yr we had mine missing i cried. Ihope they find them all and i hope they find them fast so much for happy holidays

Rae Ann said...

Holy moly! I hope they arrived! You know, before you had to buy all new toothbrushes and pajamas, not to mention snow boots!