Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good Bye Mini Van, Hello Little Car

Well, it happened as if by magic. Our new car finally arrived.

We talked for months about trading in the van. Every time the conversation began, Birk cried with fits of tears. She loved the van, couldn't we save it for when she learned how to drive?

I didn't have the heart to tell her that there was no way that she would want to be driving this van around in 8 years. That is one of the things that parents just know and kids have to learn.

Her main reason to keep the van? You could eat In and Out in the van and fold down the seats for a private restaurant. For some reason, after all of the cool experiences I've provided for my children, they remember eating in the mini van as a highlight.

We are now squishing into the little car. It is zippy and cute, but it can't hold a candle to a Costco run with the mini van.

Ahhhhh, a chapter has ended. I, as a mom, provide hope to younger moms that they, too, "will someday get rid of the van." At least, this is what they tell me.

Now, every morning, I inhale the yummy new car scent and every morning, my kids complain that their car smells like a rental car.

Who doesn't love the smell of off-gassing? The younger generation, go figure!


Jennifer said...

Wow. You got rid of your van? I am dreading the idea of having to get one... Wow. This is a bit of inspiration for me. For one reason or another, I thought once you got the van, you basically kept it for life! ;-) Congrats on your pretty new SMALL car!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

I hope you are going to remind her (when she gets older) about wanting to drive the minivan!!


My kid says she is just going to drive a bike when she gets older.

Under the Influence said...

I love my mini-van. At least until my next car, which will be a luxury sports sedan (I want my BMW back!).

My kids LOVE what they call "car picnics"! Why, oh why, do they love to eat in the car? At least it's easy entertainment and keeps them looking forward to road trips!

Ruby said...

oy my husband wants us to get a mini van i said the only way i can see my self in one is if ellen gives it to us lol i figured that would never happen so i would never have to drive a mini van im more of an suv type of mom i have a chevy hhr and i love it!

Helene said...

I used to dread the idea of driving a mini-van. Now I love it! I can never imagine driving anything else.

I would imagine at some point that will change, though. I can't see myself enjoying driving a mini-van when I'm 65 years old.

Congrats on the new CAR!!

Deanna said...

Been there! Traded in the Van a few years ago and got a car when the kids where out of the "pack-the -whole-house-in-the van-because-we_are-gone-for-1-day" days

New follower from MBC