Friday, January 15, 2010

The Light is Flashing 12:00

I'm now officially well over 40 and starting to feel my age. As I mentioned, after 8 years of mini van, I'm starting off new with a little car.

Technology has zipped by me like VHS to DVD to Blueray. I am stuck in the post 8 track, post cassette era and, as far as I can tell, we no longer need CDs either, but I'm scared to admit it.

My new car needs to come with a college level course for old, technologically unhip folks. Navigation? I was so excited to have you in my life, until I've listened to you tell me how to get to my house, and only my house, for weeks. Turn you off? Love to. But, where is the power button?

I have so many radio stations at the flick of my thumb that I'm always changing the channel by mistake. There is a phone, but how to dial it is beyond me.

My husband was like a parent on Christmas morning giving me a puppy. His eyes were shining and he was so excited that he got all of the new-fangled gadgets on my new car for me. Trouble is, even with the manual in hand and sitting in my running car in the driveway for hours, I have yet to understand just how to do the basic things.

Case and point, I had the pleasure of gassing up this clean diesel car for the first time yesterday. I actually got the gas pump nozzle stuck in the car. I had to be rescued at the self serve station. Not only did I need rescuing, the guy rescuing me had to be rescued. Apparently, I have something to figure out with the gas tank.

It's like the eternal flashing 12:00 display on my old VCR. Can I learn to live with and ignore my technology indiscretions.

Seriously, folks, I will need to properly fill my car with gas. Where does one learn this?

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