Monday, February 8, 2010

Medications That I Need

There has been a surge of spam in my mailbox. I am deflecting spam comments left and right like one of the three musketeers. En guard!

I do have to say that spam in French is much more inviting--I'd rather buy French Viagra, if I was going to buy any at all, but, hey, I'm a girl. Lately I've gotten spam in Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, I even got a font that looked like Aliens had sent it.

Some spam is in English and it doesn't even make any sense. I can't tell what the sender is peddling--maybe that's the kind of spam that comes with a bomb or virus or something?

It truly amazes me, and I have to wonder if people study spam and its origins. The whole Internet industry is history in real time making. When I was a kid Atari had me spellbound, I wonder what kind of progress (?) our children will reflect on.

As Ashleigh Brilliant once so brilliantly pointed out, "Life is what goes by while you're watching television." I'm slogging through time and spam and wondering where we are going, but also reflecting on where we've been. Maybe life is what goes by while you are deleting spam about what medications you need?

Send me some clever spam, please.


Christina said...

Same here. I feel like a spam magnet. I get all the "Get your degree fast" and "So-and-So died and left you money" spam.

Under the Influence said...

I apparently have family and have entered lotteries all over the world, because I have people right and left asking for my private information so I can claim my millions of dollars!

Helene said...

I've been getting a lot of spam in my e-mail too. And some are really it'll be from "Sara" with the subject line of "I sent you some new pictures" and I'm thinking oh cool my friend Sara is e-mailing me pics. It turns out to be a link to some porn site.