Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Root of the Problem/The Root of All Evil

It's been three weeks and my roots are showing. My biggest fear? That I will look like that lady I saw on the escalator with her wicked grey roots looking stripey as a skunk against her dark dye job.

People, I'm grey. I try my best to be regular about appointments, and I'm about as fastidious about the color of my hair as any gal is. However, there are times like now that I'm feeling the true desperation of needing to wash that grey right out of my hair.

This time, I'm caught between events. I had to space my appointments around these events and now, I'm all off kilter.

The top 3 reasons I color my hair:
1. My husband is anti-grey
2. All of my friends already look 5-10 years younger than I do, even if they aren't
3. People won't ask my kids if I'm their grandma

Did I also mention that my husband is very youthful looking? Therefore, I have always looked older, and pretty soon, people are going to think that I am his mother.

I've been grey since high school. I have more grey hair than my mother. I have a lot of hair and make quite a mess when I try to color it myself. I am very good friends with many hair stylists--I think I've put quite a few of their kids through college.

I am a little bit ready to let go of this charade of youthfulness. I am ready to be the girl God intended me to be--to look the way my genes have dictated.

I've been to the edge and looked over, and it ain't pretty. But my hair will be, next week anyways!

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Rae Ann said...

My aunt dyed her hair dark for years. When she finally stopped (in her late 40's, maybe?) She discovered that her natural salt and pepper was GORGEOUS. My mom-in-law, too. She keeps it in a cute little bob and looks like Gidget. I bet you will be fab when you decide to grow it out, too!