Friday, April 30, 2010

My Problem With REI

The problem that I have with REI is a lot like the problem I have with The Container Store: everything is just too darn cool and opens a world of possibilities.

Couldn't I bike farther, faster and better in that helmet? Couldn't I sleep just a little more comfortably in that down, cozy sleeping bag iF I EVER went camping? Wouldn't I work out more if I had those pants?

The answer in NO NO NO. But for some reason, a part of my brain that I rarely use engages in that store and I transform into a hike going, safari taking, marathon running figment of my imagination. The better person that is hidden deep at the bottom of me that will never come out.

Transfer the situation to one of my children and we have a BIG problem. An over $800 problem. Here is the story...

John is going on a week-long trip with his 8th grade class. They are flying on an airplane with their teacher to regions unknown to me. Yes, it is still in the continental United States, and No, I am not worried, But, for some reason REI sets off all of my parental instincts.

John NEEDS a new ultra warm fleece, what if he gets cold at night? He NEEDS a high tech flashlight, what if he's somewhere in the dark? He NEEDS gore tex rain pants, what if it rains? I am his mommy and I won't be there and I want him to have everything he NEEDS, right?

I was almost embarrassed at check out. My cart was overflowing with advanced designed adventure gear, my heart was pounding, and my visa card was smoking. I could tell from the gal behind the counter, that this was everyday business for her. Nothing out of the ordinary here...she apparently sees neurotic mothers every day.

This is the same problem I have in The Container Store...won't my life be just a little easier and a little more perfect with that shoe storage system? Won't I sleep just a little lighter knowing John has a satellite tracking GPS, you know, he might get lost...

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