Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May is for Mayhem

Once we hit May, it's all downhill until the end of the school year. I have to color code and continuously update our calendar. My evenings are filled with extra carpool shifts and dinners on the run. Who said a bagel isn't a complete meal?

My normally messy house turns into a disaster zone, and I'm swamped by paper, re-enrollments, and camp forms.

Hold onto your hats, we are on one wild ride! It ends for us this year with 8th grade graduation, which is becoming a bigger event day by day.

Cross your fingers for me, I'm hitting the high tide of parenting. Hopefully no waves will wash me under, or undertow pull me down. This is when I'm absolutely sure a theme song would help.


Helene said...

Okay, you're scaring me! I'm just now entering the grade school years!!!

Wishing you the best of luck at getting through the next month with your sanity intact!

Deb said...

Thanks, Helene! I was reminded last night that it gets more chaotic, but easier in different ways. We are only given what we can handle, right? Prepare to be amazed!