Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Year as a Coffee Drinker

Thank you, coffee. You have shown me that I can sleep less and do more. I've gained an entire extra hour of my day.

I get up, drink you, and I'm on warp speed for the next 90 minutes. That's enough to get three children out the door, to school and unload the dishwasher. Even more if I'm lucky and play my cards right.

On days when I'm feeling blue, I think about why I might be having these feelings. Then I realize, I haven't had my morning coffee.

I used to be in trouble if I ever had a double shot. Now, double shots, as in the caffeine kind, are the only thing propping me up throughout the day.

I've become a coffee robot. I am a slave to my Nespresso machine. Will Nespresso ever make organic coffee? It's the only thing I drink in my life that is consistantly not organic. This is one of the downsides to my habit.

I did not drink coffee until I was 40. Now at 41, I am afraid to face my day without it.


Rae Ann said...

I hear you! I started drinking coffee so that I could ask a certain fellow back to my apartment after a date. 15 years later, the fellow is gone, but the coffee remains.

Deb said...

Too funny! I've got one year under my belt, I guess this relationship could go on forever :)

I feel like my friends kept asking me out to coffee and handing me lattes. Then, I was obsessed just with getting something other than soup and cereal in a bowl.

Forget beer commercials, they should have coffee commercials with cute guys and good friends all around the coffee bar having a good time get hyped up on coffee :)