Thursday, June 24, 2010

All the World's A...Department Store?

We've been ticking off the London sights: Tower Museum, London Eye, National Gallery, theater, fancy tea, tube, bus and cabs. We wandered into Harrods yearly sale and got lost in a maze of madness for three hours!

My husband would be glad to know that we bought nothing. $2000 pound purses on sale for $1000 still seemed like too much of a commitment--plus that would cost more than our airfare!

It seemed silly and wrong to be caught indoors at such an event on one of only three days in London. At least I know now that the economy seems to be alive and well in London, considering the women fighting over $700 shoes in the shoe department.

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Terri said...

Have mercy!!! I hope yall enjoy the rest of your trip. What a wonderful opportunity! Have fun :)