Saturday, June 26, 2010


After a wonderful time with the friendly, helpful people of London, our merry band of travelers headed to Rome--clutching our handbags and backpacks with fear.

You see, every guidebook, friend, stranger, salesperson and flight attendant marveled at our bravery for taking two young teenage boys to Rome...alone.

We couldn't trudge ten feet in our summer sandals without tales of theft. Pick pockets, purse snatchers, con artist cab drvers and swindling tour guides (just to name a few). They were all rubbing their quick fingers together and sharpening their purse strap slashing knives in excitement preparing for our arrival.

One article even told of moms with their babies being cornered by rascals and being forced to surrender their wedding rings.

You can imagine, gentle reader, how scared we were to clear customs and just leave the airport.

This is after an elaborate story from the British Airways flight attendant about her boyfriend's pocket being slashed open with a knife. Wow.

I am happy to report, so far so good. I will report back later!


Terri said...

Oh my! I hope and pray that yall will stay safe! Keep a watchful eye out.... hope to read from you soon :)

Rae Ann said...

I lived in southern Italy for three years. The only time I had anything pick-pocketed was when I traveled to London!