Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cell Phones and Kids, Keeping Us All Connected?

My daughter is 11, almost 12, and she has a cell phone. This was no nefarious scheme by her to be connected to the cellular network, it was all my planning.

My reasons for giving my daughter a cell phone:

1. I can call her from the car and let her know to gather up her siblings and bring them to the entrance of the school. This saves me time and legwork.

2. I can check in with her when she is at camp.

3. When she babysits, I have a MUST answer policy. Then the phone does not ring and ring and I wonder if they are all in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

4. When she is out with friends I can find her. I can let her know if I'm going to be late picking her up.

Unfortunately, if your kid is not that connected to the cell phone, it is hard to get them to literally connect the cell phone to the charger. The times I really NEED her to have it are usually the times when it has zero battery.

Today, for instance, we are in search of the charging cord. We have two. We can find none.

All of a sudden this "free" phone is going to cost me $20 for a replacement charging cord. Is it all part of the marvelous cell phone company's "drain you of your money plan?"

I am so annoyed that I am bound to get a new charger and tape it to the wall.

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