Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Days in Canada

As we packed up for 5 days and readied our cottage for a new hardwood floor, I took a good long look at myself in the mirror....yikes!

Normally, no matter how much company we have in a summer, I look pretty rested when I am getting ready to face September. This time, I just look ragged.

The kids had such a happy summer. I lugged, sorted, boxed, taped, stacked, hefted and hauled stuff up and down stairs. My summer wasn't exactly unhappy, but it wasn't relaxing, that's for sure.

Many times I was washing dishes and looking out the window. There I spied my husband in a boat.

Many times I was folding laundry. Then I spied my husband frolicking in the water with the kids.

Many times I was preparing dinner. I would catch a glimpse of my husband sleeping in the hammock.

Hmmmmmmmm. Every year I have to say it: this vacation is not my vacation. It's nice and it's fun, but man, I'm tired.

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