Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Manners

A lot of life only moves along smoothly because we follow the rules. At the store, you get in line to pay. At the deli you take a number. At a four way stop, well you get the idea, right?

Next weekend, we will host the 12th annual birthday bash for our two oldest kids. It is going to be a challenge due to the technical difficulties associated with a half built cot-Taj. We wouldn't miss seeing our friends for the world, so we are going full steam ahead with our slated plans.

Flash to an exciting email--we were invited as personal VIP guests to the Blue Rodeo concert in Ottawa. Yahoo! Wait, drat!

Technically, our guests usually disappear by early evening. Technically, we could make the concert. However, hurrying our guests along and pushing them out the door seems to go against gracious host rules.


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