Monday, August 9, 2010

Blogging With One Finger At A Starbucks

Need I say more? I'm surviving the Canadian wilderness, but have had the least computer access evah! I've spent my last weeks with more kids under 6 than I have since teaching pre school. Wow, have I ever become lazy. My kids are so self-sufficient and so completely potty trained. I am thankful that I can sit on the dock with a peacefulness you only know exists when your kids can swim, operate the microwave, read to themselves and go to the bathroom on their own.

My husband and I now realize how far we are away from diapers, pull ups and breastfeeding. We are so old in the way only three kids and surviving early childhood can make you old. We are weathered, beaten down and completely aged from parenthood.

I love the kids and I love the chaos. However, I love that I am not wholly responsible for all of these youngsters.

Now, we shall go drink our cappuccinos in wonder, and quietude.

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Terri said...

You are so funny! I know you are really sad to see the summer end... looking forward to keeping in touch again! Take care :)