Saturday, December 11, 2010

Greetings From California: The December 2010 Edition

Dear Friends,

Holiday Greetings from the California chaos. I am caught in the whirl of Christmas prep, construction and real time drama, as in the school play.

Christmas cards seem like they have gone the way of the dinosaurs. It's the 11th. I haven't sent any and I've received only a handful. Of course, my mystery friends sent their card. It arrived on December 1st. Gorgeous card. Cute kids. I still have no idea who these people are.

Our construction projects are nearing the end. They've been nearing the end for quite some time now. In January, they still could be nearing the end. Maybe our construction crew is facing separation anxiety? We've ordered some furniture and light fixtures. Just add all of that stuff to the good old VISA bill. January is going to be hella fun.

The school play puts on its final performance today. Pride of the Pickle Factory will hit the stage this afternoon. The kids have been working so hard and they had a terrific performance last night. There are some parents that have been slaving away for months, along with our talented and dedicated drama teacher. The children that have the opportunity to work in this program are truly blessed.

Next week we are on for Martini Friday. Just a small group of moms and some holiday sweaters. I'm hoping for some good pics. Recipes should be sprouting up here next week for some truly festive cocktails.

I hope this finds you well in this holiday PREP season. More to come later.

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