Friday, December 3, 2010

My Friday Dilemma: Adopting Ugly Dogs

We have a wonderful 11 year old collie-lab cross named Kiki, but maybe, just maybe, she needs a friend. This new dog discussion is floating around our household. Ruth especially is excited about the idea of a new member in our family.

Some stupid parent (ok, it's me), might have, just might have, mentioned that if Ruth did well in her studies this year at school that we might get a dog in the summer. My husband is not a fan of this idea. In fact, he called me out on my bad parenting in bold face.

Now, Ruth is glued to the Humane Society website. She tracks every adoption and calls it a "missed opportunity" when a dog she likes gets a new home. She knows that it's the best thing for the dog, but she is longing for a canine companion.

I understand her feelings. I love animals. I grew up on a farm. We had animals running around everywhere. There was space and food and love. Anyone remember the story of Ariel the Christmas Cat? Yup. Strays were welcome, there is always room for one more.

I stupidly took my daughters to our local Humane Society. We found a cute pup, fell instantly in love and called dad--he threw a fit. He called me out on "Bad Parenting Mistake" number 2. If you are going to make a deal, do not change the terms of the bribery, er, deal. So, that trip, no dog.

However, there was this dog for adoption named Wally. Wally is 3 and he looks like his head was cut off of one dog and sewn onto another dog's little body. He is not cute. My daughters didn't give Wally the time of day. He was just sad and lonely in his little cell, er cage.

Wally has been on my mind. I don't want to say that he's ugly, but as in life, if you're pretty or cute, sometimes doors open up for you. No doors have opened for Wally in over a month.

I am going with a friend to the Humane Society today to help her pick up a "cute" dog that she is adopting. This means I will have to walk past Wally. Lord help me.


Anonymous said...

I think you should definitely get poor Wally! Will be a nice surprise for both your daughter (and husband!) :)

Sonja said...

Sounds like you're getting a new dog...I wish more people were just like you!

Deb said...

Awwwwww, I saw Wally at the Marin Humane Society. He is not a good fit for our dog-- if you know that ahead of time and adopt anyway, it can be an unnecessary disaster. He has a lot of energy. If you are in the Bay Area and not afraid of an unusual-looking dog, contact me or search for Wally.

This is Marin, they never put their pets down, they'll keep him forever until he finds a home, but it's nice not to think of him in that cage.