Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chivalry Is Not Dead:Thank You Random Stranger

I try to teach my kids the mechanics of being nice and living in a world where they treat others as they wish to be treated.

I teach them to hold the door, even if you have to wait an extra 10 seconds for the person who is coming behind you. I teach them to really think about what they say and how they say it. I also teach them to NOT cut in line at the grocery store and to sometimes let that person behind you with one container of milk go ahead of you.

All of these things are dying arts as far as I can tell. People are rude, more often than not. The door slams in my face. People push their way in front of me in line and pretend not to see me. If a new check stand opens, instead of letting the person waiting the longest go to the new line, people race as if chased by tigers to get there first.

Today, I was loading two rather large folder chairs into my car. They were heavy and awkward, but I was making progress. Along came an old man. OK, I wish there was a better way to say that, but he was elderly. He was shuffling along and looked like he might need a walker.

He shuffled right up to me and said, "Miss, can I help you with that?" I can tell you right now, it was I who felt like I should help him cross the street.

I politely declined, but was secretly delighted that some people still just have good old fashioned manners. My husband is that kind of guy. He will pull the car over and help you change your tire, he will get your kitten out of the tree, and he will wait an extra 10 seconds and hold the door for you.

I hope to teach my kids to do the same. Thank you very nice man wherever you are, you made my day!


Terri said...

I am with you, Deb! Manner are a thing of the past with alot of people. How sweet of that gentleman to take the time to offer to help. Hope you have a great weekend!

Tabitha W said...

I was presenting my thesis at a local college. This was my final assignment before i handed it in and graduated with my MA. I was already running late due to a construction delay on the roads and as I parked my car in the paid parkinglot i ran to the machine to find it out of ofer. the next machine was very very far and i was very late. As i was getting ready to take off mt high heals and run accross the parkinglot a woman stopped me asking if I wanted her paid parking ticket as she was leaving for the day and it was still good for another several hours. I yelled yes yes yes and thanked her like if she was giving me a kidney. She never found out how much that act meant to me but I send out postive thoughts and love to her often. She helped me graduate and does not even know it.