Friday, March 9, 2012

Puppy Time?

Is it finally Puppy Time?

Our daughter has been working the puppy angle for a year. We've been listening, but this is a humongous commitment. So many puppies have crossed our paths as possibilities, and they would have all been good fits. Up until now, the timing just didn't seem right.

Yesterday, we saw a litter of Spaniel mixes at our local shelter. We've thrown our name into the hat for this little girl. It is up to the Shelter Gods at this point. They take applications, then make a decision after the weekend. Why wouldn't a crazy house of two cats, a dog and three kids make a fantastic circus, I mean home?

This gal is a baby baby baby. The kind of baby that is peeing and doesn't even know it is peeing. Oh boy, I mean girl.

Now we are waiting on two decisions: puppy and high school.

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cmurphy said...

Well I hope you find the right puppy. I love mine and my blog is about my critters (family friendly, bring the kids!). It is at Visitors and followers appreciated:)