Friday, March 2, 2012


In my quest to solve my allergies naturally, I've tried all kinds of things. Everything seems to help a little bit. By the time I really know whether anything is helping, the season shifts and I'm miraculously cured anyway.

This time around, I am trying juicing. This is kind of what it sounds like, you drink juice. You drink so much juice, that you are so tired of drinking that you can't even finish what they give you. In this particular program, you get 6 Snapple sized bottles of different kinds of juice. You drink the juice labeled one first, and so on throughout the day.

All of the juices taste delicious, it's just that, by the time you're done with day one, you are kind of tired of juice. Then you look in your fridge and there are bottles and bottles of juice that need to be drank. Seriously, it was like the Atlanta wounded soldier scene from the Gone With the Wind movie. Miles of juice as far as the eye could see.

I have 6 more bottles of juice on this last day. People keep asking me if I feel any different. Well, I just cheated on my juicing with a glass of lemon water and 3 dates, and those were the most scrumptious dates that I've ever eaten. I ate half an avocado yesterday, same, delicious.

The answer is, I'm not sure that I do feel any different. Maybe the magic will kick in any minute...

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