Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Committing to a Cleanse--The Allergy Battle

My allergies have been a plague, for oh, the last 20 years. As a kid, no problem! As soon as I turned 21 and started living away from my childhood home, I was hit with a vengeance. Red monster puffy eyes, constant heavy, painful sinuses, sniffles, runny nose--name an allergy symptom, and I'll bet you I have it in one way or another.

Every time a new over the counter drug is put on the shelf, I am first in line. I've tried them all. I've seen the allergist and had numerous tests. My sinuses have been x-rayed and scoped and everyone just wants me to take more drugs and shots.

Last year I tried acupuncture. The needles freaked me out, and I couldn't say if allergy season just finally ended, or the needle poking just finally worked. Either way, I was starting to have anxiety about going to the acupuncturist, and in my own little world, I'll take the allergies.

This allergy season, I was having coffee with a friend. She was telling me that her allergy symptoms had disappeared. She was doing a cleanse, and within two days, she was better than she had been in years. Always willing to try something new, I immediately got the details.

I am on the brink of starting this cleanse program. I am writing it here to shame myself into actually starting and attempting to stick to it. I'm actually telling everyone I know, so that there is no backing out.

My kit arrives tomorrow. I will write the details as they trickle in, wish me luck. I wish you luck, as my next post will be de-caffeinated, de-wined and most probably, full of whining.


Meagan said...

I am interested to see how it works for you. I also suffer allergies, but never thought about doing a cleanse.

Wisconsin Mommy said...

What kit are you using? I'm anxious to hear if it works - the allergies this fall are KILLING me!!

Deb said...

I hope this helps me find some allergy relief, also to identify what might be compromising my immune system. A big discussion with my acupuncturist was that your body needs energy to combat the allergic reactions. Hopefully, this helps me find some energy!

This is the CLEAN cleanse by Dr. Junger.

Rae Ann said...

Blah. Allergies are miserable. I hope you find some relief.