Friday, October 22, 2010

10/22/10: Weekly Update, Fridays, Margaritas & Rain

It's been one of those weeks. The biggest problem that I'm having is that every week is turning into one of those weeks. You, know, the kind of week that feels like Tuesday should in fact be Friday. Here is my week in snapshots of conversation...

Me: Birk, what would you like to get your friend for her birthday?
Birk: Something with lions.
Me: Do you mean like a book or a T shirt?
Birk: Mom, when you were little, did you want books or clothing for your birthday???

Me: How do these kids facebook, text, watch hulu, listen to music and do their homework all at the same time? Am I missing a technical gene?
Mom 1: My kid doesn't have facebook.
Mom 2: Mine, either.
Mom 3: My daughter doesn't even have a cell phone.
Mom 4: I make my kids do homework at the kitchen table while I cook. No electronics.
Mom 2: Well, we certainly don't allow the computer in the bedroom!
Mom 3: Of course not, that would be a foolish thing to do.

Ruth: Mom, you are not allowed to take out the head on a platter and the hanging woman's head until 3 days before Halloween, then you must keep them all in the bathroom with the door closed. Once Halloween is over, they must be put back in the box immediately.
Me: Can I bring them out for a grown up party?
Ruth: Only if you keep them in the bathroom...

Me: Look at this fantastic light up skull. It's super creepy.
Friend: If you get that, Ruth will never sleep again.
Me: I'm putting it back, I'm putting it back!

Now, I'm off to mix Raspberry Margaritas for Margarita Friday. It's raining and creepy here, perfect night for a fire, some candlelight and lots of Halloween decorations!

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