Monday, May 21, 2012

Lazy Dog, Lazy Teenager and Exhausted Mom

Our new puppy is a lazy puppy. She is happy to sleep in until noon with her new mistress, our teenage daughter. That is all well and good, but why go outside to pee when you can just use the convenient laundry room carpet?

Thinking I'm pretty smart, I out foxed the little Roxy and removed the rug. My strategy seemed to be working, until this morning.

It seems that it didn't bother Roxy that the rug was no longer there. Sometime over the weekend, she peed in her normal spot. No problem, until you realize that the floor is on a bit of a slant, and the pee was festering underneath our stacked washer and dryer.

I spent my Monday on hands and knees, trying to devise a way to clean underneath a washer with a mighty low clearance. Success? Won't know until later, I guess.

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