Thursday, January 24, 2013

Giving My Plant Extensions: The Brown Thumb Approach

About a year ago, I asked our gardener to create a planter of plants for my dining room. We were hosting a dinner for my husband and I was trying to get everything looking beautiful. I rationalized the expense because I would not have to buy a cut flower arrangement that would just end up dying anyway.

I am not a green thumb. Black thumb is more accurate. Even if I was raised on a farm, no hereditary DNA was passed on to me that remotely suggests I'm related to a long line of farmers. Maybe I was adopted? Found on the doorstep?

Here I am a year later. It's birthday time, and that planter is only a third alive. Instead of lush and green, the leaves are sparse, yellow and brown. I thought about calling the gardner, but wait!

I was at Michael's craft store and what did I find in the fake plant section? Why, fake plants of course. Now you can say artificial, but let's not mince words, these are fake plastic plants.

Ladies, I have friends who get hair extensions. Why can't I put in plant extensions? And that is what I did, see below!

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