Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, Again...

Sometimes we all feel like we are on the hamster wheel of time. We get up, get coffee and get on with the day. Falling face first into the unmade bed at the end of the day caps it all off.

Why are we so tired? Especially after a weekend of endless fun?

I still have Christmas gifts to return. Summer camp to book. Bills to pay and a hefty clean up from too much fun on the weekend.

Monday starts off foggy and clears throughout the week. Yes, this post is really the same old whining about Monday post that I write all of the time.

I was going to go for a walk with a friend and we ended up drinking coffee instead. That is the essence of Mondays. I am not out saving or organizing the world, I am sitting on my butt and drinking coffee and putting away wine glasses from a weekend fondue dinner.

What did I learn this weekend? Poire William, Don Julio 1942 and Williams Selyem make for interesting dinner conversation. We asked a question about who we might like to add for interesting dinner guests. Here is the short list: Hannibal Lecter, Lolita, Mary Poppins, and a Hobbit to name a few.

Next weekend we see The Who in concert. I wonder what I learn next weekend?

Maybe Mondays are good just to ponder and clean? In fact, it seems like a buffer day between play and work. I will really get things done tomorrow.

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