Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Disneyland and Whiplash: The Gift That Keeps Giving

About a month ago, we had early entry to Disneyland.  We stormed the front gates and went directly to Tomorrow Land and Space Mountain.  I have ridden Space Mountain more times in my life than I can count.  It is the one roller coaster that I don't find absolutely terrifying, until now.

All I know is that I went on Space Mountain feeling fine.  I got off Space Mountain and I knew that I could not fully turn my head and my neck was killing me.  Less than 5 minutes and I was done for.

It turns out that this visit my husband attacked Disney like a crazed fan.  I have never in 24 years seen this much enthusiasm from this man for any theme park.  It was like he had Disney mania.  He was dragging me across the park, my head cocked at an angle, but I do like Disney, so I went with it.

I went with it for 3 full days.  We pretty much went on every ride.

Now a normal, sane person might say, "Hey, my neck is killing me, I think I shouldn't ride California Screamin' 3 times in a row."  But, darn, we were all having so much fun, so I just kept going and going and going...

Until I got home, and realized, I didn't wake up magically cured.  No, in my Disney tale, I needed ibuprofen, ice, heat and medical intervention.  I tried the neuromuscular massage hoping for a Tinkerbell pixie dust for me.

It wasn't until the chiropractor that I am finally starting to see some relief.  My old chiropractor gently hammered me into place.  This new lady cracked me like a nut, and surprisingly, I am feeling quite a bit better, not cured mind you, but better.

Yes, I have learned my sad lesson.  I am old.  No more Space Mountain.  I will miss you Space Mountain, it was a wild ride while it lasted.  I cannot forget you, especially now.  I hate to say it, but you are a pain in the neck.

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