Friday, March 8, 2013

To Tip or Not To Tip, That's My Question

I feel like I've asked this one before, but I'm still confused in this new-fangled world of tip jars and open palms, as to who do I tip and who don't I tip.

On the whole, I probably could tip everyone and be very popular, but who in fact really expects a tip?  Who, in fact, really deserves a tip?

Today I had some furniture delivered from a store.  Expensive enough furniture.  When the delivery guy, who was one full hour late, saw just where he was hauling this new furniture, he did not look pleased.  I tried to be sunny and chatty and friendly.  He wasn't grouchy, but he wavered between being exasperated and officious.

Was he indeed tired?  A long day?  Was he worn out and at the end of his rope?  Or did he expect a tip from me to deliver the furniture that I paid a delivery fee to have delivered?

It was a true gray area in my mind.  I could see where he would want a tip for his hard work, but it wasn't like he was super friendly, fast and on time.  He wasn't unfriendly or rude, either.  He didn't hold out his palm, or even act if I was supposed to give him a tip, yet somewhere in the back of the mind, I felt like maybe I wasn't doing the politically correct thing.

My friends give gifts to all of the people at the holidays: post man, UPS man, landscapers, teachers, crossing guards and more.  I am also very unsure about all of those departments.

Somewhere, there needs to be the definitive tipping guide.  If I am truly supposed to tip, could someone please let me know?  Couldn't we please figure my 20 percent tip into the price and call it a day?  Then I would know that I was doing the right thing.

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