Friday, January 23, 2009

First Order of Business 2009: Set Your Kid On Fire

Just had to mention the first exciting event for our kids of 2009:  Birk setting herself on fire.  George took the kids outside to light sparklers--which is a real treat as sparklers are not allowed in California.

It was sub zero weather, so we bundled up everyone.  Hats, mitts, gloves, snowpants, neckwarmers, you name it, they had it on.  No one was starting 2009 with pneumonia, a horrible face rash from the Bath and Body Works kid's cream yes, but no pneumonia!

I like my warmth, so I stayed inside and watched them through the window.  All of a sudden Birk was hopping up and down and I could hear John yell through the double pane, "Birk's on fire!"

Smart girl that she is, she dropped the sparkler and rolled her flaming glove in the snow.  The mom  that I am, after I declared her free of burns, had to note that Gordini gloves may be pricey, but they sure do make good oven mitts.

Note to self:  sparklers and mittens don't mix.


Morgan said...

Oh, the joys of sparklers. My husband loves to inform me about the incredible high tempature those reach. To think- I used to have sparklers every fourth of july even as a very young child!

Glad that there were no burns!

Anonymous said...

Those sparklers look so innocent but alas, it's not so. My hubby lost some hearing from a sparkler spark landing in his eardrum as a boy. Yikes!

Deb said...

We always shook those things with such abandon--now I see sparklers in a whole new light (no pun intended).