Monday, January 19, 2009

Summer Camp 2009: Sleep Away Camp or College?

It's January and I've just signed up my kids for summer camp 2009. I am mindful of the economy and planning on cutting way back, so I just went for what I knew was what the kids and parents equally wanted: a FULL week of sleep away camp. It's the first time that all three kids will be away for a whole week.

Birk wanted two weeks, but mommy is not quite ready to have her gone that long and daddy is not ready to put a second mortgage on the house to pay for it.

Summer camp has seriuosly morphed into fantasy camp. Kids are headed to space camp, imovie camp, rock band camp, gourmet cooking camp, mountain climbing camp, surf camp..and this is the tip of the ginormous iceberg.

2 weeks of sleep away summer camp costs as much as a semester at the University of Michigan way back in the late 80's. Where do you go from here? What's left if you've already been to sky diving and hot air ballooning camp before you are ten?

Is anybody planning a normal summer?
Mom and dad are hoping for their own fantasy camp for a week. Wink. Wink.

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