Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watching the Inauguration: You're Never Too Young Or Too Old For Hope

We were lucky today to be able to take our kids to the local one screen theater to watch President Obama's inauguration. Young and old clapped and cheered. Just like if we were on the plaza: we stood when you were supposed to stand, bowed our heads to pray and sang along with our hands over our hearts.

The audience was clearly democratic. You could decode this by their modest, respectful applause for the past republican president and wild cheers and whoops of delight for the past democratic presidents. Hysterics and tears were saved for Obama.  Waves good-bye were silent with a few giggles for Bush when he was walking out.

All three children watched intently. Even 7 year old Birk was as quiet as a mouse with her big eyes fastened to the screen. It is so refreshing to share an experience that marks the change of times that even children find compelling.  

A sold out theater, full of all kinds of people full of hope.  We are all looking for guidance through what will be very tough times to come. We need a leader, and I think, by George Washington, we've got one.

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