Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nyquil, Acupuncture and the path to Alcoholism

My allergies have been kicking my butt. The eyes: puffy. The nose: runny. The sinuses: like a brick on my face. Coughing, sneezing, red, runny eyes: good gracious, I'm an allergy commercial. My husband is surely thinking, "How did I marry that?"

I play a game with myself, it's called inconsistently taking medication. I take a few allergy pills here, a hit of the good old nose spray there...some local honey (tastes like candy, yum!) emergen C, vitamins... Sometimes I take it, sometimes I don't.

My doctors have been shaking their heads for years. "You live with two cats, a dog, you sleep with down pillows and comforters AND you have carpeting???" I am stubborn. I refuse to give in or give up.

Now I'm on the way to get poked full of needles. After 4 years (remember that stubborn thing?), I've taken the advice of my good friend, I'm off to see the acupuncturist.

The funniest thing? My drug of choice is Nyquil. I knew it had some alcoholic content, but in my desperation, I've never actually looked at the label. It says right on it "10 percent alcohol." 10 percent?

Yikes. Might have to take a few shots of Nyquil to give me the courage to get me through that acupuncture appointment.


Jennifer said...

Ahahaha!!! Nyquil, huh? I might have to try it. My nose has been running off the hook, and literally, I bent over and a drop of snot landed on the ground. Gross? Yes. Is this my life? Again, yes.

Under the Influence said...

I've had acupuncture! I'll be interested to hear what you think.

Let me know if it works on the allergies. My husband is suffering with cat allergies and we don't want to get rid of the cat!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Allergies are terrible here too. My DOG has them. Maybe I should give her nyquil??

Helene said...

You are gonna love acupuncture!!! Honestly, you don't really feel the needles going on...maybe a slight pinch here and there but nothing like an injection or anything. You are gonna feel so relaxed afterwards!

I did acupuncture while going through infertility treatments and it was the one thing I looked forward to!!!

Xenia said...

I've heard lots of people love acupuncture, but I'd be with you and would have to have a good couple of drinks before I could give it a shot!

Following you from MBC...

Deb said...

@Jennifer: Ahhhhh, try the Nyquil. I don't know if it helps any symptoms, because every time I take it I drift off to a beautiful sleep. Well, it may not be beautiful, but at least it's sleep as far as I know!

@Under the Influence: I think the acupuncture is working a little bit. I'm definitely better--but it could be that the pollen I'm allergic to has slowed down. There is so much going on during an appointment with this doctor that I'm not sure if it's the actual acupuncture, or his sage advice to SLOW DOWN. I'll keep you posted.

@Lee the Hot FLash Queen: I'll bet your dog would be very quiet and sleepy on Nyquil. Is it hyper and noisy? What is it with all of these pets and allergies these days? My dog could potentially have better medical care than I do.

@Helene: Thanks for the boost, Helene. I hope I can learn to love that pinch. Right now, even after laser hair removal, I'm finding it a little painful. I do, however, feel like I have more energy.

@Xenia: It still is a little scary, I'm not giving up the Nyquil. I'm thinking about giving up Margaritas for my favorite medicine. They're both green, right? Thanks for the follow!