Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cat Pee

A while back, we had to replace a mattress. While on vacation, one of our two cats decided that it made a really, comfy cozy litter box. If you know the smell of cat pee, you know that there was no saving that mattress. Of course, we pointed the finger at our grouchy, territorial older cat Patch:

She is not a cuddly cat. She is thin and wiry. She hunts and wanders the great outdoors. She is also a very vocal cat--she will let you know.

Years ago, when we first brought home a new kitten, Sara, Patch was having nothing to do with it. We followed all of the directions. Put the new cat in one room and blah blah blah. We tried everything. Nothing worked. 3 years later, we still have the warring kitties.

They openly stalk each other, and it is no game. Sara wants to be friends, Patch wants to get the heck away from her. After a while, when Sara had given up the idea of friendship, Sara was just trying to drive Patch crazy.

Yes, this is Sara. You can carry her around by her tail, dress her in all kinds of crazy clothing and she will be purring in your arms. But, like all super nice people, Sara has a dark side...

Her dark side is peeing all over the place now that we are done with the renovation. I unrolled a brand new wool carpet, and Sara walked right over, looked me in the eye and peed on it. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it.

The next day, she peed on the next new carpet. I freaked out, but didn't let her know it. But, I freaked out. The next thing I was on serious carpet inspection. There is a cat pee spot on every new carpet in the house. The spots I saw right away, seem to be doing fine, but the pee that has sat there for I don't know how long, is not going away.

I've scrubbed and sprayed and tried all of the internet advice on cat urine. Two carpets I'm pretty sure are completely ruined. Now I'm just terrified about what I haven't found yet, and I have one more carpet yet to come. Ugh!

We are all experiencing Post Traumatic Remodel Syndrome. I understand where Sara is coming from, but I can't afford to replace one more thing.