Thursday, January 5, 2012

The More You Change, The Longer It Takes: Ending The Remodel

Things are looking pretty good around here. Our house is truly transformed. Even though we live in a cool, landscaped place, I still wouldn't recommend the remodeling process to anyone.

People keep asking me when it will finally be done. I tell them, when the check bounces. I think these guys will keep finding things to do until we are completely bled dry.

Of course, we were the stereotypical home owners during a remodel. "Wow, wouldn't that doorway look better over there? It seems like this window could be better if it was bigger. Why don't we paint the living room puce. Oh, wait, paint over that puce color and make it green again, please???"

We keep finding things to "change order." A couple of years ago, I didn't know what a change order was.

Yes, I did say a couple of years. We have been in flux for two years now. We've been quite flex with the flux. Now, we need to put the last boxes away and settle back into real life.

We can't afford food, furniture or utilities anymore, but we have a lawn and a fountain and a non-leaking roof over our heads.

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