Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Milk Roulette

Sometimes it's good to be informed. Sometimes too much information is a burden. Take the milk carton debate.

1. One friend buys milk only in the glass containers. No nasty plastic seeping into the wholesomeness she pours for her kids.

2. One friend buys only milk in the paper carton. It is lined with plastic and wax (this is the world according to her, no scientific research have I done on this topic) and the exposure is better for her kiddies.

3. The third friend just buys the milk in the plastic and recycles the jug.

Actually I was surprised at how much plastic contains our food. I am trying to buy glass, but you can't always get what you want when you want it in the form you'd like to buy it in. Therefore, there is still a lot of plastic in my fridge, in my cupboard and in my body.

What does a busy mom of three do? Well, I play milk carton roulette. I shake it up every time I buy a new batch of milk. I'm recycling, I'm reducing, I'm drinking and taking my chances that at least one of these options reduced by one third is the less lethal.


Under the Influence said...

Solution - buy a cow and get your milk fresh from the udders. Oh wait, then it's not homogenized. Or is that pasteurized? Whatever, I'm sure there is something wrong with it, too. It seems everything has it's downfall.

Although I do have to say, I think milk that has been stored in glass bottles tastes better. It's probably my imagination, but oh well.

Helene said...

You know, you're just like me...just trying to do what's best for our families and hoping and praying that at least some of those decisions are the right ones!