Monday, November 30, 2009


Yes, I am one of those moms. I drive a mini-van--Honda Odyssey, gold.

Let me tell you a little secret--I love that van. Do I love it enough to keep it for more than six and a half years? Not really. I often only drive myself around in that living room-sized vehicle...alone.

Sure it comes in handy for big purchases and lugging stuff home from Costco; but, I am ready to move on....kind of.

My Prius-driving, SUV-lovin' friends are high fiving me and whooping and hollerin' and celebrating the coming end of my vanhood.

I'm feeing kind of sad. Place here a sweeping montage of all the road trips, rummage sale finds and carpool runs we've experienced together. Sigh, my trusty van and I.

Ahhhhhh, the golden, stinky van. I have to start mourning you now, way before you ever disappear from my life...forever


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I can't do the mini van thing...give me a honkin big ass SUV any day!

Terri said...

Deb, you are so funny!!! I have a Odyssey also,,, silver.... I LOVE it!!! I always enjoy reading your posts!!! Hope you have a great beginning to your Christmas!

Under the Influence said...

I "heart" my mini-van. Someday, I will "heart" my luxury performance vehicle.

Helene said...

I always said I would never drive a mini-van, yet here I am totally in love with our Toyota Sienna!! It'll be hard to part with it someday.